About The Site

When I adopted Digital Love from Crystal, I didn't change the name. Below you can read how and why she got the name and decided to make it. I decided to adopt it from her after she mentioned that she didn't want to run multiple cliques but also didn't want to close either one down. So I adopted it and she can have it back whenever she wants.

The idea for creating a video game clique had sat on the back of my mind for years. I'm not sure what took me so long to act upon it, but it finally happened on September 7, 2014, when I opened the site. Video game music has been my favorite type of music for as long as I can remember so when I hear people say that "video game music is not real music" I get more than a little angry, because, really, there isn't any difference. A song doesn't need words to be "a song" or whatever else it is that people think a song is. As long as it provides emotion then it's real to me. This is something that video game music definitely does––and does it well.

The name I had an extremely hard time coming up with. The first word to pop up in my head was "Emotion", which I like, but that name is already taken by my shrine directory so it didn't really work. When asking my friends on Twitter for help, Tara suggested "Digital Love", which she said was because of her Daft Punk bias, but I absolutely loved it, and so used it. ♥" Crystal

Currently on version 2 of Digital Love, though it's the first since I've own it. But that's not the point. Layout freatures Succubus from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence from the Play Station 2 game. I used a boat load of textures from Velvet Factory, Celestial Star. Fonts used are Bleeding Cowboay, Georgia, Century Schoolbook. Layout was made in Photoshop CS4 and hand coded in Dreamweaver CS4. Image is from Creative Uncut. I was inspired a lot by the previous layout.

Affiliation Love

Below are the awesome affiliates. If you'd like to be on, that would be awesome. Just contact me about it. However, I will only affiliate with other joinable types. Thank you!